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Lifehack: Poor Man’s Soundbar

PublishedFeb 24th, 2022

I wouldn’t say I go looking for lifehacks, but I don’t shy away from them either.

Case in point — I purchased a 24" smart TV and upon setting it up discovered that it had some pretty lousy sound.

My layman description of the sound would be something like, “It sounds like they pointed the speakers in the TV the wrong direction and then proceeded to muffle the sound with some plastic covering.”

To add insult to injury, I overpaid for this little guy.

After crying myself to sleep — waking and eating some ice cream — crying myself back to sleep again — and then finally waking and having a warm shower — I remembered I had a little “rugged” bluetooth speaker I bought for $14 at Walmart that sounded way better than this rotten TV.

bluetooth speaker product image

Then I remembered I had a left over Male-to-Male 3.5mm headphone cable in my basket of cables. Something like this one on Amazon would do fine.

Conveniently, this little speaker is powered by a USB 2.0/3.0 cable and makes it able to powered by the same TV it’s serving audio for.

One less cable dangling from my shelf! Yay!

I now have a portable speaker that always remains charged — that also doubles as a mini-soundbar for my TV.

It’s not face-melting audio or nothin’ — but it’s a big upgrade from the lackluster speakers the TV came with.

If this proves a solution for you please comment and let me know!

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