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screenshot of context menu in status bar in finder

Copy File or Directory Path to Clipboard in MacOS Finder

PublishedMar 31st, 2021

Lemme just get out of your way and give you what you want.

You don’t even care about my writing anyway :(


1) Make sure your path bar is showing

macos finder with status bar highlighted

If it isn’t showing, toggle it on with Option + Command + P, or by going to

View > Show Path Bar in the MacOS Menu Bar (top left of your screen).

2) Select a file for that file and extension to be included or deselect all for the path to working/present directory.

Additionally, you can right-click on any item in the path bar breadcrumbs to that the absolute path to whatever you right-clicked on.

3) Right-click on the right-most item in the path bar.

screenshot of status bar context menu ini finder


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