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Imagine. Build.

My full name is James Auble, but I answer to "Jamie", "Dude", "Dad", "James0r", among others.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California 🇺🇸, just miles from the tech buzz of the Silicon Valley as money and minds were really starting to converge on the bay area.

While working in several industries and studying politics and journalism at San Jose State University and abroad in South Korea, web and general computing were always a part of virtually everything I did.

Living in Vietnam teaching English, I found programming friends and taught myself to code. Those who know me well, know that I am nothing if not self-disciplined and love to constantly challenge myself.

Web Development is now both a hobby and my occupation, and whether it's figuring out complex logic to achieve some particular functionality, engaging users in web experiences, or increasing conversion on an E-commerce store, I'm always excited for what's next.

When I find a break in the storm I sometimes write.

Shall we work together? Reach out.

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